Gymnic - Sit'n'Gym - Zitbal met pootjes

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[Beschrijving voorlopig alleen in Engels beschikbaar] Clever invention. A ball in burst resistant quality. Even it damaged with knives, or other pointed objects there is no danger of sudden lack of pressure. Especially suited for training with pregnant women or for the use in offices and schools. Unique with stabilizing 6 "feet". An exclusivity of Ledraplastic. This ball has little „feet" to prevent from rolling away when used as a sitting ball which is very useful in offices and classrooms. If the floor has to be cleaned, the ball can be placed on the table. Attention: While using it do not sit on the feet but turn the ball so they are heading sideways. Not suitable for exercising with bench press and any kind of dumbells. The manufacturer and the distributors will not be held responsible for any incorrect use of the ball which should lead to injury.Maximaal toegestaan gewicht: 120 kilo.

Allergie-informatie Bevat geen latex, Bevat geen weekmakers
Formaat Groot
Maximale belasting (aanbevolen/getest) 120 kg./300 kg.
Oppervlak Glad
Vorm Bal met pootjes
Merk Gymnic
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